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Delhi Public School

‘Service before Self’, the motto of DPS is a reflection of its ethos and a desire to usher in a new era of knowledge with a belief that every child, however different, has the right to education. We aspire to make each child into a wholesome human being, who will essentially believe and work towards ‘Service before Self'. DPS Etah is a bright and shining star in the galaxy of DPS schools. We aim at the ‘Holistic Development’ of each child by inculcating ‘Core Values’ at every stage through the right blend of academics, activities and sports. Our school is a blueprint for the new generation; a blend of Indian values reinforced by our global experience acquired over the years.

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Mr. Sushil Kumar

Whatever good we see in our world today is because of an educative mind behind it. Education is not just about spoon-feeding but about inspiring them to think out of the box and foresee a better future. It is all about how to apply it in real life to change the world for a better cause. As the Principal of the school, I feel honoured and privileged to be part of an educational institution where every stakeholder is a learner and every day is an opportunity to learn and discover. We look at ourselves as a community of learners where everyone learns including our teachers, parents and staff.

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Reading adds newer dimensions to the body of knowledge. We at DPS believe in inculcating a reading culture that enhances and compliments the education system.

Smart Classrooms make the process of learning fun and ensure a lasting impact on the tech-savvy minds of today’s generation.

Our well-equipped labs are provided to young innovators to meet the curriculum demands with care and guidance of our expert faculty where students put theory into practice.

Almost every aspect of life is interwoven with Information Technology and we recognize the importance of making our students proficient in the same

What Our Students Say

Trisha Amoria

Class 8

DPS staff works so hard and deserves appreciation. All the teachers are very friendly with the students. We may easily share our problems and they immediately take action. I am also thankful to the hard-working staff at the front office. Apart from the studies, the extra-curricular activities and clubs give us a lot of knowledge. I am lucky to be a part of this school. Thanks once again DPS for working with so much dedication and commitment.

Anushka Saxena

Class 8

I feel that the system in our school is very very flexible. They not only tell us to study and get good grades but also care equally about co-curricular activities like dancing, sports, media, and computer. The teaching methods are excellent and the teachers are friendly. DPS is a very student-cordial environment. I will be eternally appreciative of my school.

Ipshita Kulshrestha

Class 8

The teachers at DPS are very supportive and kind. My experience at DPS is just wonderful. Teachers helped me in every situation. The students here are very nice and supportive. I feel free to say any problems to the teachers. DPS is a family where parents and friends are all around you, For me, it has also been a life-changing school.

Mayank Prakash

Class 9

DPS has a charm of its own; it's not just a tag. When I came to DPS for the first time I felt “This is the route to success". Studying at DPS makes me feel proud. It's a known fact that DPS is the best school in Etah. Here, teachers are also very acceptable and are always ready to help the students. At last, I only want to say that this is the school I was looking for.

Rudresh Vikram

Class 7

DPS is a school where I can showcase my artistic skills and these are further enhanced by my teachers. Most importantly, my school teaches me how to face failures with grace and never give up on my ambitions, no matter what happens. The school staff helps me to shape my personality and teaches me invaluable lessons each day.

Aradhya Sahai

Class 7

DPS is the best school in our city. The entire school staff is kind and motivated. We are like a family in our school. The teachers are very kind and cooperative. There are regular parent-teacher meetings. The parents are informed about the performance of their children in school. My school is doing its best in providing quality education to help students excel in their lives.

Shreya Chaudhary

Class 7

My experience in DPS has been excellent. I am very satisfied with the staff of this school. Every teacher is very supportive and caring here. Apart from the studies what I really love here are the extra-curricular activities which make me feel rejuvenated every day. DPS offers a very student-friendly atmosphere.

Hardik Shakya

Class 8

My school bears a special place in my heart as it brings me to my full potential as a student. The teaching and non-teaching staff and all my fellow students are very close to me. I feel blessed to be a part of my school as it teaches me many aspects of life and grooms me to be a better human being. I will be forever grateful to my school.

Saket Singh

Class 7

My school makes me special because it is a very dignified school. We have all kinds of activities and even good quality education. In our school, we are not just taught but the school helps us to gain knowledge for the overall development of our personality. Also during the time of virtual classes, the teachers used methodologies and it felt we were in real classrooms.

Anshika Yadav

Class 7

The facilities in DPS are very good and the teachers are so friendly here. They help every student when they need it. My journey here has put me through many ups and downs and the staff at my school helped me and stuck by me while I faced the situations. The students here are very friendly too. DPS is a very student-friendly environment.

Harshit Shakya

Class 8

DPS. It is one of the best schools in the city. There are well-educated and qualified teachers who provide us with good teaching methods and encourage us. And we have an art teacher, music teacher, and P.E. teacher who teach us very well. They give us a lot of knowledge apart from the knowledge of the books. We have clubs here, which make students learn a lot. I will be forever grateful to my school.


Class 9

DPS is one of the best schools in our city Etah. Every teacher on the school campus works hard to shape the students’ future. I'm well impressed by the teaching of every faculty in the school. Our parents are well informed about our performance at the school. I believe, my school is excelling in providing quality education to help students shape a bright future.

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What Parents Say

Dinesh Chandra Yadav

My experience with DPS is so good and children in this school have a good nature, teachers are very friendly to students and children have an interest in the study just because of good teachers. I will be forever grateful, feel privileged, and happy with the functioning of DPS.

Anumeha Singh

DPS Etah is an institution known for its academic rigor. They have experienced teachers and a good representation from across demographic strata. Both my kid and I being a part of the DPS family feel privileged and happy with the functioning of the school.

Renu Amoria

I want to thank DPS for giving the students great education that is helping to build the personality of my daughter. The staff here provides such a warm environment full of learning. We as parents draw deep satisfaction when we see our daughter growing up to be a self-confident, independent, and self-reliant girl.

Piyush Saxena

DPS is a school that is concerned with your child's behavior. The teachers are helpful and caring. The school also carries out a lot of co-curricular activities and this will provide your child with an all-around development. I would strongly recommend you to admit your child to Delhi Public School, Etah.

Mukul Amoria

I appreciate the work of the entire DPS Team. Teachers do not only act as educators, they also encourage students to dream big, think out of the box, and work on their passion. They act as their guide and mentors and I am very happy to be a part of this DPS family. Thanks again to the entire DPS Staff.

Seema Chaudhary

I think the school is good for my son. My son's progress is amazing, he enjoys going to school. The teaching staff is very good at nurturing and developing the children's academic skills as well as social interaction and productive play. I am really happy with the progress my son is making at school.

Pragati Sahai

DPS is a school where the emphasis is laid on learning from the environment combining spiritual philosophies with different subjects in the curriculum. The DPS ethos of equity, compassion, cooperation, and service before self is great. I am very happy to be a part of this DPS family. Thanks to the entire DPS Staff for the excellence.

Shivam Chaudhary

All of the teachers at DPS are dedicated to providing quality education. My son has developed loads of confidence and is always happy to go to school. The school is pretty good. I couldn't think of a better school for my child to be in. I would strongly suggest you admit your child to Delhi Public School, Etah.

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