Pro-Vice Chairman Message

Delhi Public Schools

Boundaries once defined by traditions and conventions must be crumbled. The modern age needs to be sustained by a highly educated, internationally competent and mobile workforce of human beings. Therefore, education and training today are to be aligned and geared to meet these remarkable challenges. The changes are best represented in DPS ETAH through the growth of knowledge cum skills. The institution is best suited to those who seek internationally recognized quality education. We assure uniqueness in every individual through nationally acclaimed faculty. It is an embodiment of hopes, pleasures and aspirations ever felt. An enabling environment, careful nurturing and a springboard for meaningful blossoming honing and effective use of unbound talents is one of the most preferred perspectives of the institution. We aim at unleashing unparalleled innovative ideas of Dipsites.

I am hopeful that my pupils will enjoy all the arenas of life. By the blessings of the Almighty, I shower all the hues of vital Skills over my Dipsites.

Dr. Sukesh Kumar

(Pro-Vice Chairman, DPS Etah )