Principal Message

Delhi Public Schools

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

—Nelson Mandela

Whatever good we see in our world today is because of an educative mind behind it. Education is not just about spoon-feeding but about inspiring them to think out of the box and foresee a better future. It is all about how to apply it in real life to change the world for a better cause.

As the Principal of the school, I feel honoured and privileged to be part of an educational institution where every stakeholder is a learner and every day is an opportunity to learn and discover. We look at ourselves as a community of learners where everyone learns including our teachers, parents and staff.

The School’s genuine concern ensures students’ emotional growth along with intellectual excellence. This empowers them to develop their self-esteem, self-awareness and self–confidence. Sharing ideas, analyzing situations and expressing them confidently are essential skills, which are honed here through Experiential Learning at DPS. Our students are exposed to the journey of holistic education, which will prepare them to be articulate, confident and independent learners. This will help them become pioneers, change-makers, problem-solvers in the process of learning. They will face challenging experiences that will bring new horizons of learning into their lives as they develop the ability to grasp and understand all the issues and challenges of life. Therefore every student at DPS will grow and excel as a person and leave behind a positive footprint that will impact their community and society. God Bless. Jai Hind.

Mr. Sushil Kumar

(Principal, DPS Etah )