1- Valeology Club (Health and Wellness)

The goal of Valeology Club is to develop procedures and plan tactical actions for improving the overall health and well-being of the students. The main aim of this Club is to make the students aware of their health hygiene of self and as well as their surroundings.

2- Furry Tales Club (Animal Welfare)

The objective of the Furry Tales Club is to make the world a better place for our furry, feathery, and scaly friends. The students will be educated about issues related to the welfare of all kinds of animals and engage in related hands-on activities.

3- Sod Busters Club (Compost and Plantation)

The Sod Busters Club aspires to educate the students about the importance of planting trees, sensitize them about the important role of the environment and nature, create interest in tree planting, and explain the importance of conserving the forests.

4- Overbooked Club (Reading and Writing)

The purpose of the Overbooked Club is to create an opportunity for students to become enthusiastic and enthralled with the wonderful world of literature. It will allow students to share the various subjective illusions and opinions generated.

5- Thespian Eggheads Club (General Awareness, Expression and Dramatics)

The Thespian Eggheads Club strives to create general awareness of the local, national, and international events/personalities/sports, etc., and sharpen the memory through quizzes, puzzles, intelligence games, and acting skills.

24/7 Security

To ensure security coverage in & around our campus, Closed Circuit Cameras have been installed at vantage locations. In addition to this, we also have trained security personnel taking care of the security at our campus

Salient Features

1. Closed Circuit Cameras installed at crucial locations on the campus.

2. Trained security personnel at all vantage locations.

3. Intercoms connecting all the important points in the school.

4. Mandatory check at the Entrance gate so that no trespassers can get inside the campus.

5. Only parents/authorized local guardians are allowed to take students out of the school.

Computer Lab

Technology advancement has affected every sphere of life, especially education. This has changed our perception of what a school should provide for its students. In times of booming technology, the computer labs at DPS ETAH provide the appropriate platform for the students to be future technocrats. The computer labs are used not just to hone the skills of computer geeks but also to provide exposure to the novices. With main labs, which cater to the needs of junior and nursery sections, the labs also provide facilities to the students to explore the world through the internet. The nursery computer lab is the complete amalgamation of visual entertainment and learning. In the junior & middle wing, students are taught concepts of flash, HTML, VB, MS Office, C and C++ at various levels which prepare them to face the tough challenge of the computer world later on. It is in these labs that the teachers also get the facilities to learn while they work in their separate labs on the computers. Not to miss the fact that it is the hard work of the qualified teachers and lab assistants that a Digital Studio is in the offing intending to provide movie-making facility to the students. Walk-in any time of the day, you will always find a few teachers and students at work in these labs.


It serves as a creative and innovative partner in supporting teaching, learning, and research activities. With a fast-growing collection, both in digital and print format using state-of-the-art facilities, The Central Library’s operations and services are fully computerized. We endeavour to further improve all our efforts to facilitate the right information to the right user at the right time.

Art Room

Art is an expression of creativity and imagination. It is an outlet for individual thought, visualization and interpretation of ideas, events and environment. The elaborate Art Studio with the finest faculty guides the children to achieve finesse through numerous techniques and the History of Art. It is not just directed to evolve artists but to infuse in each child an aesthetic sense and appreciation of beauty in life and surroundings. The Visual Art Department has a wide range of activities: Fine Arts, Craft Work, Clay Modeling, Sculpture, Commercial Art, Best out of Waste, Paper Recycling, Aesthetic Appreciation, etc.

Dance Room

The dance curriculum provides means of personal expression and emotional balance. It also inspires the students to participate in various events and broadens their knowledge of art and other skills. Different forms of classical as well as modern dances are being incorporated in the school curriculum to help children develop coordination of mind and body and to nurture the ability to focus and maintain intense concentration. Dance can improve and correct posture, it helps to strengthen a physically weak child. It also gives children a sense of movement, rhythm and music appreciation.

Audio Visual Room

The auditorium has been designed to have a clear audiovisual experience and promote the talents of the pupils. It is well equipped and includes light and sound effects. The stage provides ample space for expression and inspires all students. It has also greeted many dignitaries who have been the guests of honour for various events held here. Many cultural activities like Investiture ceremonies, Farewells, special assemblies and competitions are also held in the Amphitheatre of the school.

Indoor Games Court

1. Basketball court

2. Badminton Court

3. Lawn tennis court

Outdoor Games Ground

The playing fields for various outdoor sports deserve special mention as they are spread across the school campus. Verdant surroundings are the hallmark of the school and these playing grounds are no exception to the same. All the playing grounds are located strategically across the school thereby making sports part of one’s life no matter where the person is in the school.

School Clinic

The School Clinic is a well-equipped, four-bed facility headed by a qualified and experienced doctor. Urgent medical treatment is administered efficiently. For emergencies, the school trust has a hundred-bed hospital and mobilises the school ambulance for the same. The medical staff of the clinic conducts regular medical checkups of the students and also maintains the records. Furthermore, the students are also examined by reputed dentists and ophthalmologists The emotional well-being of the student is also assessed and documented to ensure his / her overall development.

Sports Stadium

Sports impart health and agility of mind practically on the playground. At Delhi Public School, ETAH sports and games are an integral part of education. A playground is a place of transformation and the nerve centre of all activities. In addition to general physical development, it is here that they learn to become performers, achievers, decision-makers and leaders. Role models in the field of sports are admitted for their passion globally. We host many sports competitions at the national and school level to promote a healthy relationship between the teams.